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About Us

About Us

We specialize in curating, procuring and distributing high-quality culinary products from top of the line purveyors in Turkiye and the Middle East. There is an art to crafting every single culinary product in our catalog, in order to preserve that authentic, unique flavour this product traditionally became known for.

Our products are exquisite in the sense that they bring along a rich, oriental culinary heritage that has been preserved and disseminated over centuries. Furthermore; our health-oriented mindset and wholesome life style guide us in selecting our products and electing our purveyors.

Over the years, our purveyors have been leveraging the expertise passed downonto generations, perfecting their techniques, and investing in modern technology, with the goal of offering signature culinary products that eventually became a staple item in their respective culinary cultures.


We believe that one can only truly appreciate a certain culinary product if one becomes adequately familiar with both its culinary and cultural aspects. For this reason, we strive to be not only a trusted, online-based shopping platform dedicated to selling high-quality, oriental culinary products, but also a reliable information source about our products from a culinary and cultural perspective alike.


We pride ourselves in offering our customers wholesome, high-quality culinary products from various culinary cultures in Turkiye and the Middle East. In addition, we are committed to sourcing our products from trusted, renowned purveyors that meet our quality standards and share common values with our company.


We pursue excellence in every aspect of our operations to better serve our customers throughout their online business experience with our company, from providing sufficient background about each product, sharing expert preparation tips, to addressing all enquiries before and after our customers have received their orders.

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